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My Favorite Place

Everywhere I travel, the question I am asked most is “What is your favorite place?” That is a very hard question as so many countries are so different and I have had so many unique and wonderful experiences in so many of them. There have been many places that I have loved and would return. And many of these places have truly affected my outlook on life, the world and even myself.

For people who love history Egypt or Turkey would be the place I would venture. I you want see amazing mountain beauty then Switzerland would be my choice. If you are wanting to trek and see primitive cultures, I would travel to Thailand. For big game the is no place that stole my heart as my first big game experience in Kenya. Though seeing the tiger in India or the gorilla in Rwanda are both included as two of my favorite memories. Most spiritual experience, definitely would be Rishikesk, India. However, after a lot of thought, after being asked this question countless times, I have determined that none of these places are my favorite.

My favorite place is the place that I am always very excited to return to and always a little sad to leave. That place is my home in the Pacific Northwest of the Untied States. My home state of Washington is an absolutely beautiful place to live. We have the Cascades Mountains with the striking Mount Rainer taking center stage. We have rainforest to the west with the Olympic Mountains off in the distance. Whale watching in the San Juan Islands is an unforgettable experience. In the North Central part of the state, the forest and and secluded lakes can find peace for any adventurer. In the south there are vineyards that grow in the dry heat of the summer and even a desert in the south-west corner of the state.

Since our state has four distinct seasons we there is always something to look forward to with the changing holidays around the year. The tulips and the apple tree blossoms in the spring, the hot days of summer, the changing of the leaves in the fall and the pristine snow in the winter.

My latest journey took me home to spend time with my friends and family. It was a wonderful to take drives to the mountains and see the wildlife. It is even better to share these actives friends and family. It seemed as there was little “downtime” during this break from my world travels. There were school performances to attend and holiday gatherings to enjoy. Here, I am reminded that no world monument can ever compete with the smile on a child’s face, and especially a teenagers face, when you showed up to their school event. Like any place in the world, it is the people that make this place special. It is my connections here that make this beautiful place my home and my favorite place in the world.

Then today, I see a photos from a fellow traveler of the place I am heading next and my heart pulls to follow. My mind travels to where I will go next and I ready my backpack. Excited for my next journey, I wonder who I will meet and what I will learn in these new adventures. For certain I will be excited to return to my home again. Eager to share my experiences and hear of their stories of what happened while I was away. I will be excited to share in the outdoor activities of the summer season. But for now I journey on and invite you to join me in this next adventure.


















Posted by Evon LaGrou on January 28, 2013
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  1. 01/28/2013
    Joseph LaGrou

    You’re right. There is no place like home.


  2. 01/28/2013
    Scholl, Becky

    How great. Great writing from the heart! Loved the photos. Am today wearing my Egyptian necklace….I love it so much!!

  3. 01/29/2013

    Aw, what a nice post. 🙂


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