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An Impression of Madrid

It is hard to believe that in a large city one can slow down and catch your breath but I think we accomplished that very thing in Madrid. Here one does not walk but stroll. No one is in a rush. We are looking in windows and watching the time drift instead putting to much thought into the people surrounding us. Everywhere you look there is a new act starting and a crowd gathers. A girl singing opera on the corner of our hotel, a clown with a ballon attracting young and old alike, a puppet show, a magic act, or a dance group. Everyone has time to stop for a while. There is no fish bowl we all are in the ocean together.

I love Madrid. We actually stayed an extra day here. There was not one time that my mother entered a full train and a stranger did not stand up and give their seat away. This city is safe, there are police everywhere and this city is clean. Any hour we were out, even after ten in the evening, there were workers in green and lime colored suits sweeping the streets. One of the best parts of this stop was immersing yourself in the city itself. Streets wind and twist on cobblestone roads but it is okay to get lost, someone will point you back to Puerta Del Sol, the gathering spot…So go ahead get lost here.








Posted by Evon LaGrou on September 12, 2012

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