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Let the Adventure Begin


When I was a little girl my aunt gave me this painted picture for my bedroom. I am not sure if this picture geared my mind to dream of travel or if the travel bug was always in my DNA and my aunt just recognized it. Today I have traveled through over 20 foreign countries and now I have taken a year off from life to follow my passion full time. You are welcome to come with me in my adventures. Let’s see what we find.

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Posted by Evon LaGrou on August 23, 2012
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  1. 08/24/2012

    Looking forward to vicariously living your travels. Thank you for sharing.

  2. 08/25/2012
    Marty Schippers

    So looking forward to “going with you” via the internet route. Thanks for doing this and being willing to share. Marty Schippers

  3. 08/30/2012

    OMG, I remember seeing that in your bedroom when I would come over….I loved it then, and I love it even more because of the warm memories that come flooding back when I think about visiting Omak. Thank you for posting! 🙂

  4. 08/31/2012
    Brenda Childers

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Amsterdam and Barcelona read – what an excellent writer you are – felt as if I was there! Looking forward to more – thank you for sharing. So glad you’re living your dream – you’re not missing anything here.

  5. 09/4/2012

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  6. 09/13/2012

    Hope you two have gotten beyond any sore muscles and are having the “time of your life” together. Love, Shelly

  7. 09/27/2012
    Lisa I.

    You have such a gift for describing the amazing wonders and experiences you are having. In addition your pictures are breathtaking. You are definitely giving me a hunger to explore and experience more of this amazing planet! Thank you so much for allowing me to be an ‘armchair traveler’ with you as your amazing voyage continues. May you and you mom continue to enjoy your travels and may your meet many amazing people that will help make your journey complete. Be safe, be joyful.

  8. 09/29/2012
    Rachel :)

    WOW! you describe everything so well. it’s like I was there with you. sounds like you and your mom are having a great time, what an awesome adventure to share with her. I still need to see the rest of your pics. continue to keep us posted and telling us stories of what you see. I’ve always told you, you NEED to write a are so good at describing your surroundings and sharing every detail. Do you read about each place you visit? it’s like you know everything that happend even if it happend ages ago…… it’s so cool to read your blog, i’m excited for your next posting. I would like to see a few pics with you and your mom. Green Wine huh….oh yea! cant wait to read your next blog.:)

  9. 02/1/2013
    Lollie Castillo

    Love your travel pictures, like I have told you many times….you should write about your adventures put them in a travel book . I love your writing, I never tire of reading.
    Thank you for sharing.


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